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About Show Berries

Showberries is a modern, contemporary music forum in India. We offer a platform for all sorts of musical artists and performers to experience a change in the opportunities of the industry. We are working relentlessly towards providing artists their right place at the most rewarding prices.

Our founders and team members believe that music is about communication and connection. One of our main goals is to create a community of musicians and artists within the country, where people can chat, share, play and perform music together.

We are dreamers, planners and executors all rolled into one.We have big dreams and promising ideas because that's what required to truly change the entertainment industry.We aim to improve artists access to the stage, to the world.

About our shows

Show berries is a modern, contemporary music platform in India. We offer a platform for all sort of musical artist and performer private music lessons in singing, guiter, keyboards, bass and drums in a friendly and welcoming environmennt. We have 3 well-equpped and comfortable rooms available for hire to performer and musicians.